Where to Buy Rare Wines

Where Do You Buy Rare Wines?

Collecting wines is a lucrative passion. Some people are content with whatever wine their Dinnerly meal delivery box sends with their meal. If you are a collector of vintage bottles of wine then you must always be thirsty and in the lookout for rare wines. Each bottle of vintage wine has its unique taste and value. Rare wines are for rare occasions and can be a special gift on weddings, birthdays or anniversaries. We know, hat you drink speaks for your character’.

If you are a lover of rare wines, your search has only begun, as we share multiple auction websites from around the world where you can get the world’s best vintage wines.


Wine.com has a huge selection of wines for every wine-lover of the world shipped right to your doorstep. It has one of the largest collections of vintage liquors, whether it is champagne or red wine. You can also save by using coupon codes from a site like CouponJournal‘s Wine.com page. Click to view their homepage.

Visit: Wine.com

Sotheby’s Wine Auction:

Sotheby’s wine auctions are world renowned and they take pride in providing some of the finest and rarest bottles of vintage wine on the planet.


The Old & Rare Wine Company

The Old & Rare Wine Company is a highly reputable importer, wholesaler and Internet-based retailer located in Santa Monica, California. They buy vintage wines from all around the globe to satisfy your demands of cellared old and rare wines. They save you time and money, as you can find some of the best bottles of vintage wine from their website. Also, they ship them to your desired location or address.

The Wine Society:

The Wine Society also provides a diverse collection of both old and new wines. From either sweet or white wines, you can choose a variety of wines from different locations ranging from New Zealand to Chile or South Africa. Their high-quality service ensures that you get that special bottle of vintage wine at your own convenience as this is most important ever to a number of people.

Bounty Hunter:

Bounty Hunter is well known for its collection of vintage wines. They have wines from Napa Valley, California to Uruguay. At Bounty Hunter, you will find wines that are not easily available anywhere else. They are also well-known for scouring the world on behalf of you, to get the best vintage wine experience.

Collecting vintage wines is not only a passion but can also be a very profitable enterprise. As wine ages to its unique character and complexity, it fetches more money and gets your customers a more delightful experience.
We also have to remember that finding a bottle of vintage wine is a rare occasion for a wine lover which is difficult to reproduce. Vintage wines are not only difficult to find but if you do not know the right location or the right place to look, you will be searching forever and losing your patience and valuable time as far as it is cincerned.

Whether it is for profit motive or pleasure, vintage wines are perfect for all occasions, which are special to every wine-lover in the world. So, why wait any longer? You can now get your rare wines from these suggested locations and celebrate.

Hotels.com Coupons and the Malibu Wine Safari

Adventure seekers are all invited to explore the wonders of nature at the 1,000-acre Saddlerock Ranch and Vineyard, Malibu in California. Riding in custom-built, open-air Safari vehicles and feeding a variety of exotic animals in the wild are some of the adventures that await visitors. At the same time, guests get the opportunity to taste local wines – Yes, the best of Malibu wines!

Tip: Get a Room Near The Vineyards using Hotels.com Coupon Codes:

After visiting a few vineyards, you’re likely not going to want to do much of anything. There are some great hotels and AirBNB properties in the area, with some even on the vineyards themselves. And of course you shouldn’t pay full price: you can find cheaper airfares on a site like DealTour.org

All About The Malibu Wine Safari:

It’s not every time you get the chance to explore such beautiful natural scenery and meeting rare animals you only see on National Geographic, while being treated to the tastes of the finest wines in California. Malibu Wine Safari offers these great experiences and many more. However, trips to the Ranch are packaged under different tour arrangements each with its own peculiarities and take-homes.

Explorer Tour: On this 90-minute adventure, you stand to enjoy SaddleRock Ranch’s exquisite beauty and splendor as well as the amazing wildlife. During stopovers, you will savor 6 of the best wines in Malibu and also get to meet and feed some of the exotic animals in the Ranch.

Giraffe Tour: For those who want a fun-filled afternoon in company of exotic animals, this is the tour for you. On this 105-minute trip, visitors get to clear view of the Ranch’s variety of wildlife.

Two wine-tasting stops and feeding rare wild animals is a nice way to embrace your adventurous side. Won’t you love to meet the retired Hollywood veteran called Stanley the Giraffe?

Mimosa Tour: This 105-minute tour provides fun lovers to add a wild streak to their picnic.

Kick off the brunch by visiting the exotic beasts in the Ranch. You will see alpacas, llamas, Spanish highland cattle, water buffaloes, yaks, and zebras. Adventurers will also taste the delicious mimosas of Malibu which are made from recipes of fresh fruit juices, lemonade, and sparkling local wines.

Vintner Tour: This 2-hour tour gives visitors the opportunity to explore SaddleRock Ranch from one uppermost side to another lowermost side, while sampling fine wines with a charcuterie board.

Vineyard Lunch Tour: This is a VIP Wine Safari trip packaged for guests to enjoy the great sites of SaddleRock Ranch, while still wine tasting, feeding and meeting those exotic animals in the park.

After the exciting 2-hour trip, visitors will be provided with a boxed lunch and platter, and more wine will be served!

Among other tour packages, tourists will visit the famous Chumash Cave paintings as well as meet and feed Stanley the Giraffe. They will also receive a complimentary lunch as icing.


SaddleRock Ranch is located on the breathtaking hills of Malibu in California.

Address: Malibu Wine Safaris,

32111 Mulholland HWY,

Malibu, CA 90265.

Getting There:

You can engage any of the available independent transportation providers to reach the place. However, Malibu Wine Safaris also offer visitors two direct means of transportation to the Ranch:

  • Performance Limo LA – This runs an hourly shuttle service between West LA and Malibu Wine Safari place on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Swoop Transportation – This provides transport for holiday parties or large off-site meetings holding on the Ranch.

You are guaranteed of no dull moment on Malibu Wine Safari tours. Just endeavor to book your trip well in advance.